What's your occupation?

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  1. i am an in home health care person who is taking care of her handicapped son that has down syndrome and heart and kidney problems, so that is why i am not on here very often.
  2. I'm a full-time freelance writer; I write about beer and whiskey, mostly for Whisky Advocate magazine, where I'm the managing editor. Can't deny it's a great job!

  3. tritowner

    tritowner Fire Starter

    I work for a large company in the medical device industry.
  4. commercial fisherman ....started fishing Alaska in 1976 at age 19
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  5. I am an architect - and used to be a very busy one
  6. I sell chemical admixtures for concrete from Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA. Been doing that almost 7 years now. Third generation concrete guy in my family.
  7. careyp

    careyp Newbie

    Fire Capt. on a Ladder Truck. Been in Fire service for 26 years this July.
  8. I'm a captain on a 180' supply boat in the Gulf of Mexico
  9. johms

    johms Newbie

    I.T. Solutions Provider
  10. deanoaz

    deanoaz Meat Mopper

    Retired grunt, who lies around at night staring at the stars in Arizona.  If the government keeps screwing with my retirement, I may be staring at the underside of a grocery kart.
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  11. Retired Pa Corrections Officer 
  12. Im a electician for 20 years
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  13. chef3tsp

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    Professional Chef
  14. crvtt

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  15. truck

    truck Newbie

    I am a garbage man to put it simple. Tech term I am a automated side loader operator.
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  16. smokinbuckeye

    smokinbuckeye Fire Starter

    Farm 3,000 acres in NW Ohio
  17. I own a screenprinting and embroidery company here in NC. I am the cat herder in chief by day and avid runner and meat smoker by night.
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  18. sholmes

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    heavy equip. mechanic for 12 years   CAT dealer in Iowa
  19. Stationary Operating Engineer in a commercial high rise! Times Square NYC
  20. manoowar2

    manoowar2 Newbie

    Call Center Professional 

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