What would be the best method for preparing meats for spending a week in the field?

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Feb 13, 2020
I've searched around on the web for answers for the last three days but did not get conclusive answers, I've never cured, smoked or fermented meat before and I am looking to start but, have some questions:
I'd like to have prepared meal and snack sized portions of vacuum sealed meats that I can take out on military exercises so, I'd like to know what method can keep meat for a year at room temperature as refrigeration is rarely available and I can load up into my rucksack and go out into the field for a week, often in hot summer weather.

Does it always have to be really dry? Or can I have a juicy steak that I can just open and eat as my entire week's worth of meals will be vac packed meat and cheese and cooking is not an option.

What equipment will I need? A vacuum sealer and preferably an all in one system (a smoker?, Dehydrator? A mini tabletop convection oven?) As this will mostly be done in my tiny barracks room or at family's home on a weekend.

What meats can I use the recommended method for? I like bacon, only ever tried Jack Links bacon jerky and loved it, pork and extra lean beef if these matter with the method of preparation, I love pepperoni and German salami but a setup with a meat grinder would take too much money, time and space so that I'm better off buying these meats cheap somewhere

Can anyone recommend some seasoning/marinating (if method uses marinade) ideas? I hate sweetened meat so I stick with salt and spices like Montreal steak spice and dry jerk spice.
Pemmican is often called the survival super-food, it's actually pretty good and can last for years without spoiling. I've had it a few times and from what I understand it's somewhat easy to make. Perfecting it might be a tick harder. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in.
Second choice would be home canned meats, but they involve jars.... so more of a hunting base camp delicacy not something to pack for daily consumption.
The army has you covered LRRP Rations
The IMPs we get aren't bad but I want to stay on a keto diet when in the field, especially doing a defensive exercise, 5 days in the field with only 3 hours of sleep in total is among the worst of our training exercises but there's sleep dep with every exercise, my experience being in ketosis makes me wired with energy all day and night, can't sleep more than 3 hours a night if I wanted to and still never get tired after a day full of physical training so I'd rather pack my own rations and pass around my IMPs to my section.
For this situation I also can't have canned food, weight and space need to be kept to a minimal and I would need to seal up the garbage in Ziploc bags to reduce odor.
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