What was cooked this week???

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All you guys are a step ahead of me.  All I made this week is dog stew.  Now before anyone gets too exicted, no I did not shoot my 2 hounds.  What the heck would I do with 160 lbs of black lab meat--'sides, I'ld miss them.  The dog stew is just what I supplement their dry dog food with.  They won't even leave the kitchen when I'm getting their supper ready untill I add the glucosamine/condriten and and Lakota for their arthritis and the "good stuff".  They get 2 heaping Tbs of solids and 4 Tbs of liquid. Then its a race for the mud room where they eat.  They just had their fifth bday and aside from arthitis are very healthy

Dog Stew:

2 liters of chicken, beef, or veggy broth (whatever is on hand)

3 gals water

about 5 lbs carrots, coarsly chopped

one bunch of celery coarsly chopped

all the trimmings from the meat from the last 5 weeks (frozen)--Miss Linda and I don't eat ANY fat, pluss all the leftover meat and veggies that are in the freezer

Bring it up to a boil, then simmer for 5 hours.  Let it cool over night then package.  I use old plastic bulk tobacco tins.  4 go in the freezer, one in the fridge.  When it comes out I skim the fat off the top and it goes back into the freezeer for next time.  80 lb labs don't need extra fat. This supplement has kept them happy, healthy and shiney for 5 years.

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