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Discussion in 'Beef' started by fishhawk, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. New guy here,who needs some advice. Got a nice rump roast today, and would like to smoke it. Need to know what to rub it with and what would be a good wood to use? Thanks
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    Any good rub should be fine or just go with salt, pepper, garlic. Wood is a matter of taste hickory or cherry would be a good mild smoke. I would take it to about 140 internal personally then slice it thin. The rump roast in my opinion doesn't have enough fat to take to high temps and drys out to easy
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    I like a few differant store bought rubs Butt Rub is one and theres one put out by Old Bay makes a good one (not the seafood seasonings) the rub. Then like jerry said good old salt fresh cracked pepper and some garlic powder (not salt) is always good it will let the meat speak for itself and sometimes thats the est way.
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    another thing you might try is Montreal steak rub, or something on that line if you're looking for ready made.

    As far as the wood...personal preference rules...I'm a sucker for apple wood myself.

    And welcome to SMF!
  6. I just tried a rump roast. It looks good but only took about 1.5 hrs to get to 140 F. I have it on foil right now slowly cooling off.
    Is it going to be tough since I cooked it so fast? I guess I should have tried it lower than 210F.
    BTW, this site is great!!
  7. meat hunter

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    How much did that roast way? 1 1/2 hours till an internal of 140 at 210 degrees on the smoker? Well if its a smaller roast, it would not take long. 210 is a good temp and I would go up to 225. Also, you may want to bring your internal temp up a bit, say 150-155 then foil and let it rest a bit. If I remember right, meats that stay in the so called, "danger zone" 40-140 too long run the risk of bacteria multiplying. I don't think its going to be tough at all, should be very tender. I see this is your first post? Take a minute and stop over at roll call and give us an introduction, Name, where you live, hobbies, stuff like that along with any smoking exp you have. Oh yeah, don't forget to take some pics of your smokes and post them, we like to see our fellow members bbq.
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    for beef I go basic, Kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder for the rub,

    and I would smoke with mesquite.

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