What to smoke

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I usually end up smoking ribs, because they take a while to smoke, but not too long.

A good day is hanging around the smoker for 5 or 6 hours and ribs fall right into that category.

I get my stuff done in the morning & hang out with the smoker all afternoon!

With a few beers of course!

I agree with ribs. To me, they are the very definition of BBQ.

If you want something easier and faster, the simplest smoke IMHO is tri-tip. You cook it at 225 until medium rare (about 135). This only takes a couple of hours. It cooks fast because it doesn't have to render out too much fat. This also makes it easier to clean up.

Spatchcock chicken is also fast and good, although it is very difficult to get skin that people will like, so you may want to steer clear of that.
I like a pork loin for fast and easy. I smoked one yesterday, got a decent smoke ring in about 2.5 hours. One eye on the smokler while I dug more soil to expand my rain garden.
How's this?
Hard to go wrong with a brisket. 
To start off, we need to understand what makes a particular cut of meat such a good prospect for smoking. Is it the flavor? Is it the texture? Is it the fat content? The answer is that is it’s a little of all three, plus a few other factors. And, in addition, there are some cuts that, while on their own may not be such a good choice, but they can be made to smoke good with just a little extra preparation beforehand.
One of the best choices for the smoker are meats that are really not suited for much else. Tough cuts like brisket, ribs, mature chickens and poultry, mature beef and pork, are really good in a smoker because they are too tough for anything else.
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