What to do with This Grill - Convert?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by krooz, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Wasn't sure where to post this question so I went with "General Discussion"!

    Anyway, I have this SS gas grill that the guys in the shop made for me when I retired. It's a gas grill with a SS plate "fry pan" for blackening fish fillets and also has a pan for holding oil to fry fish. The gas burner was made by cutting slots in the pipe with a Portaband saw. The problem is the inlet end burns WAY hotter than the rest of the grill. If I turn it back to a reasonable flame at the inlet the rest barely has a flame. 

    So, my question - is there anything I can do to even out the flame ( I tried throttling the air flow in the venturi to the burner tube to no avail) or would it be best to cut out the burner and make it into a charcoal grill? 

    Pictures are attached  - any ideas would be appreciated!


  2. thesmokist

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    you could build a fire box to put on it and make a smoker if you want or if you wanted to keep it a grill you can get some universal burners to put in it and that would solve your flame issue.
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    Thanks, I'll check if there's any burners that I could adapt to it, otherwise I'm thinking it'll make a fine charcoal grill....
  4. Wow.
    That is a lot of gas slots and too big.
    You need to have a more even pressure along the length of the pipe.

    You may only need 5 or 6 slots that size.

    Just eyeballing the measure, try blocking up the first first 3 on the inlet end with some folded foil.
    Leave the 4th slot open.

    Then close the next 5 with foil, leave the 6th open,
    continue that pattern to the end.

    Considering where it came from, it would be a bit of shame to cut it up in a conversion.

    Here's picture of a manufactured burner.
    You can see how small the holes are compared to yours.

    All you're really trying to do is evenly heat the diffuser plate above the burner.
    So however many slots you need to block off to do that...

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