What to do with my wife's breasts?

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Jan 25, 2007
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No not those breasts, chicken breasts. But now that I have your attention. Got a couple of racks of baby backs rubbed, wrapped, & in the fridge for tomorrow and will be smoking some odds & ends as well. One of which are some boneless skinless chicken breasts my wife had left over. Looking for some ideas & hints on preparation, cook times, temps, well just about everything you can tell me as I have never smoked poultry before.
Depends on what you want to do with them. I like to marinade the boneless breasts in something and then smoke them. Teriyaki is good, so is buttermilk and hot sauce or Italian dressing. Just don't cook them to long and dry them out.
I'm for spice em up and smoke em spray em so they don't get to dried out

i inject chicken breasts with some franks hot sauce... coat with some EVOO, give them some rub and wrap them in some bacon(hey everything is good with bacon)

smoke away
I like to rub them w/oil, then apply some rub(cajun is my fav) on them, then wrap in bacon...............................ooohhh, you mean the chicken. Same applies to all breasts. :)
Thanks for the suggestions guys & gals all of these sound great. Perhaps I will try a variety of these then let the family decide for next time. And Theresa I too was thinking of Big Al when I posted this.
Well, I do want to say that I don't want to make anyone mad. If I cross the line I need someone to slap me upside the head, won't hurt my feelings any.

I was serious though, about what to do w/chicken. I like to wrap chicken, pheasant, turkey, if there is no skin. I think it protects it and helps keep it moist, even on a hot fire cook'n fast.

Good luck RT.
Big Al, on the reply to thread, there should be a whole bunch of smilye's on the left of the box...there is also a smile faceabove the text box that has a drop down menu.......if you can't see any of those go to quick links and choose edit options...then scroll all the way to the bottom of page and look for "Miscellanous Options"...choose "Enhanced Interface-Full Wysiwyg Editing... that outa do it ...let me know

Ps...no problem here Big A....I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!
Doesn't bother me any Al, but truth be known, if my wife reads the subject line of this thread I'll probably be dodging rolling pins all day!

Also thanks for the tip.

Like I said, not going there.
My wife collects old rolling pins. Last one she bought is a BIG mutha. Guy on the other side of the flea market yelled "No! Don't let her buy it!" He knew.
Here I am late again....

So, the next time you are going to try come chicken.... marinate in Italian dressing for at least a couple of hrs. Be sure and pull up the skin and let some get under that as well.

When you take it out of the marinate, put on some of your favorite rub. Cook until almost done. Abt the last 30 minutes, put your favorite bbq sauce on them, cook until done and the sauce has started to glaze. Put a second coat of sauce on if you want.....

Then try and get the family to leave it alone....

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