What to do when the butcher has a bad day?

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Sep 24, 2009
South Coast - England
I have a great butcher, something very rare these days, and once a week I get a nice Ribeye from him to take to work and cook for my lunch in the office. 

Went in today and collected my steak, brought it to work and cooked it in the usual way but It was absolutely terrible. Rubbery and flavourless. 

Now I know the butcher as I'm a customer but I wouldn't say we were friends. 

Does anyone have any advice, I'd kind of like to tell him about it, but don't want to go offending him as we aren't that friendly. 

Would you tell them, or keep quiet and hope it doesn't happen again? 

I wouldnt say anything until it happens again. Also you get a steak once  a week for lunch. That is such a great idea. If i had a way to cook it i would totally do that.
You might ask if he changed meat sources, " as the last steak had a different flavor from previous steaks" you have bought?

You are absolutely right. You don't want to p*ss of you butcher.
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I have to say that he would appreciate your input. As long as you are careful how you approach him I think he would want to know that your steak wasn't up his normal standard. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied customer. One bad comment among friends can cancel out 10 good comments. If you feel that this may be an isolated incident then don't say anything until it happens again, but the chances are if you got a bad piece of meat, so did other people. I think he would want to know this. IMHO.
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