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What the heck, turkeys are cheap right now ...Q to follow

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ameskimo1, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Decided to smoke a turkey today, they are cheap after all. Picked up a fresh bird at the store this morning and putting a quick brine on the breasts. 

    Todays smoke - I bought some apple wood from a local orchard that uses only minimum pesticides and then only when absolutely necessary. Its about 10" long - should be nice......

    Also soaking some cherry whiskey & Captain Morgan and using a McCormick Citrus Lime rub. Its brutally cold today so time to fire up the Masterforge duel fuel.

    Will post some pics.
  2. [​IMG]I'm in! With the price of turkeys right now. You just can't go wrong.

    Happy smoken.

  3. So hes in. Its pretty cold here, about 25 so I decided to add a water tray to help keep the heat.

    Don't want to burn those lil legs or wings....

    See you in a few hours Tom....

    More to follow
  4. So this is my first whole turkey and although I can't say it turned out bad - it was actually very good - it just didn't pick up as much smoke flavor as I would have liked. And I was in Texas two weeks ago, ate turkey at Donn's in Austin.....I know I shouldn't even try to compare my own as Donn's was the juiciest and best smoked turkey I've ever had. Here's to hoping my job takes me there again next year!

    Plenty of smoke rolling around, I thought too much at one point - just didn't go very deep.

    One problem - I pulled at 163, foil covered and placed in a 200 degree oven for an hour. Was very juicy but the dark meat was not finished. It was a bit of an event from there, but all in all the lime citrus rub was very good with some smoke on it.

    Anyway - Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    Ive always found, cooking a whole turkey to be difficult and not worth the headache.    Personally, I like getting a couple of bone-in breast and smoke them.  I'll usually do a simple brine, a simple rub with Tony C's and a nice smoke in my  WSM

    The problem with it is, I can't get it to last because folks quickly consume it.
  6. Yep, I think my future is a couple of turkey breasts and a leg - the wife likes a good turkey leg. Not one to give up, I'll check with my uncle as he has done a few smoked turkeys the past few Thanksgivings.

    But your right, for the effort I can get more mileage with less effort smoking other meats. 
  7. Don't give up on the whole bird. I've done whole birds two times (once with one on the top and bottom rack of my WSM). I use apple wood and for smaller birds (12# or under) I go low and slow (230-240). I do brine the bird and inject it and it has always come out good and very moist. I like a light but distinct smoke flavor on turkey - not something over-powering. Come this Thursday I am doing a 14.5 pounder in the smoker while we also do one in the oven. I'm going to kick the temperature up to 275-300 for that smoke. If I see an error in your thinking it was putting the bird n the oven at 200. Best thing would be to wrap it in foil (some will add something like a towel wrap as well) and put it in a cooler. Some say this can make the skin soggy so they will put it in a hot oven for 15 minutes before serving to take care of any sogginess. For me if you have a cooler that is about the size of your bird you can just stick it in there uncovered and it will keep warm for quite some time.
  8. Yeah, knowing me I'll once again see a cheap bird somewhere and try it again. I do love me some good smoked turkey......