what sausge to smoke??

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Jan 1, 2011
Hey guys, ive been searching on what kind of sausge to smoke but it seems everybody is making there own, Im kinda on a time crunch an dont really have the equipment to make my own, is there a type of sausge you can buy to smoke?

Brats are awesome, Kielbasa in BBQ sauce are a great appatizer, or whatever your favorite sausage is.
I would suggest you smoke some fresh store bought sausage without cure. Just follow the 40- 140 4 hr rule.............
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store bought sausge??

could you explain the 40-140 4hr rule??
Think he's referring to uncooked storbought sausage (like Johnsonville Brats vs. pre-cooked sausage like kielbasa).

The 40-140° rule means you get the meat from 40° to 140°(internal temp.) in under 4 hrs. This really doesn't apply to small things like sausage unless you smoke chamber temps are down around 150° or so... lol. But for big pieces of meat the 40-140 rule is to make sure nobody gets sick.

Now there are two versions of 40-140:
  1. Version 1) The outside of the meat is whole and has not been pierced with anything (injections, forks, knives, ect.). In this case you are only getting the outer 1/2 inch to 1 inch of meat up to 140° in 4 hrs.
  2. Version 2) The outside of the meat has been pierced by either you or the manufacturer/store (like a pop-up turkey timer). Then you have to get the entire piece of meat up to 140° in 4 hrs., not just the outside layer. Piercing the meat carries any surface bacteria into the middle of the meat, thus requiring the middle to get up to temp as well.
Internal temp of 40 degrees to 140 degrees in four 4hrs for uncured sausage. example is johnsonville brats, Fresh Italian sausage and fresh country sausage.  For cured store bought sausage like Hillshire farms kielbasa and smoked sausage you can smoke it but I dont see the point. Its already cured and cooked so its just heat and sevrve. I would slice it open and smoke to get smoke flavor to it, You would need to make your own sausage with cure to be able to do long smoking times. Go to nepas profile and look at some of his sausages. Some of the best looking smoke sausage on the planet............ This rule should apply for unudulterated fresh meat and poultry
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new to the world of smoking. kind of a silly question can you smoke 2 or 3 differnt kinds of meat at the same time. any help or tricks would be a great help. thanks
Double smoked sausage.

Go to the store buy some Hillshire farms smoked sausage. Hang or rack and smoke with a temp of 160.

Remember its already been cured and smoked. All your doing is putting some heat and extra smoke to it.

Easy Peasy
I buy a local sausage that is ready to eat and cut in to bun length pieces an smoke it at 225° till hot.

 Great for poboys and sliced for cooking.
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