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  1. JUST WONDERING WHAT IS EVERYBODY FIXING  FOR THE SUPER BOWL? let's see some pic's, recipes and ideas' till then [​IMG]

    happy smoken.

  2. pthefree

    pthefree Fire Starter

    I'm thinking slabs of beef short ribs.
  3. welcome to the group. my wife was saying today. that it is time for beef short ribs.

    happy smoke.

  4. pthefree

    pthefree Fire Starter

    Hoping my butcher has whole slabs left. Last time all he had was four frozen slabs in one package. I passed.
  5. lu1847

    lu1847 Smoking Fanatic

    2 loads of wings in the MES 40 with apple pellets in the amnps with temps as close to 275 as I can then slopped in my buffalo sauce.
  6. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Got 4 butts going in!   I'll be smoking wings for myself about lunch time.  
  7. vegassmokeout

    vegassmokeout Meat Mopper

    Well I'm thinking 2 butts but (that's funny 2 but/butts [​IMG]) they take 8 to 10 hrs so [​IMG]I need ideas for appts to go with (no abts need something diff) and what to have for lunch as it will be a long day[​IMG].  I found a post about smoked portabella caps so I was thinking those but lunch needs to be somewhat quick/cheap and different[​IMG].  I don't want or cant miss any of my 9ers beating the bird crap out of the ravens. 

    So any ideas will be entertained. [​IMG]
  8. pthefree

    pthefree Fire Starter

    How about stuffed chicken/duck breath or maybe stuffed pork loin. For the chicken I would go with a spinach, parmesan, bread crumb mixture. The pork I would stuff it with chorizo. (More pork!!!!).
  9. vegassmokeout

    vegassmokeout Meat Mopper

    yummy!!!  I just found "smoked eggs" and "smoked potato skins".  I think my smoker will need a month off after SB.  That and restock on my charcoal.  hehehehehe [​IMG]
  10. just fried up a hand full of pork rind pellets. i'm going to have to do that for super bowl

    man are they good!
  11. Pork butt for me. My first on the RT
  12. mvincent42

    mvincent42 Meat Mopper

    I made the mac and cheese balls and my friends have all taken off with "stuffed meatballs" since then so I am sure we will have some of them. I made snack mix, summer sausage, have about 1/2 lb of smoked cheese left, and plan on baking 2 bries. (I know I am actually going to use that thing in my kitchen....strange!)
  13. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

  14. I want to do grill and smoke some meat that is unique to the area were the teams are from. I am thinking of doing couple of tri-tips for the 49ers and I am not sure for the ravens. Maybe I will do some wings and call them raven wings. With the tri-tip, I am going to slice it and have each guest make their own sandwiches with begets. Any other suggestions?
  15. no suggestions. but the tri-tip does sound good. wings are also always good.

    happy smoken.

  16. dls1

    dls1 Smoking Fanatic

    We're hosting a little SB party this year and, since the game is in NOLA, we're using that as the theme for most of the food. So far, the menu contains the following,

    - Raw oysters

    - Charbroiled oysters Drago style

    - Creole spiced shrimp

    - Chorizo boudin balls

    - Smoked chicken and andouille gumbo with cubed double smoked country ham left over from Christmas

    - Garbanzo beans and greens with smoked tasso

    - Green tomato and mirliton chow chow (Subbing tomatillos for the green tomatoes)

    - Grilled watermelon slices with ancho powder

    - Assorted Abita beers, and other beverages.
  17. that sounds great. i love oysters and  gumbo. been thinking for a while i need to make some gumbo.
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  18. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Funny, we usually do the same thing for football games. I like the idea of Raven wings, and since the Eastern Shore of MD is the chicken capital of the world, it would fitting in more than one respect. I''ve got a couple partridges in the freezer I shot this fall, and was thinking about smoking them and calling them ravens.
  19. First time running 3-2-1 baby back ribs. Wife will be making a taco salad. Maybe some baked taters to go with the ribs.
  20. I am thinking of cooking a mexican fatty.  And some wings...

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