What Goes Where?

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Apr 21, 2007
Ok so if no question is stupid I won't feel stupid for asking this.I plan on smoking a brisket, a butt for bacon and a chicken, abt's and a fatty. I don't want to ruin the taste of the food when they start drpping sooooooooo I have a GOSM 3 racks I know I can squeeze the fatty on the chicken or the bacon rack. The brisket rack is full of brisket, I even had to chop a piece off to make it fit. I don't know what toput on the top rack and so on. HELP!!!!
Always put the chicken on the bottom rack....you don't want the "nasties" dripping on the rest of your meat......as far as placment of the rest...it really is up to you. Good luck, it sounds like a great feast!!!!
Ok I'll be right there, oh wait a minute, you live in Canada. Way to long to drive sorry. But I will try to post some Pic's.

Chicken always go on the bottom, see every time I ask a question I learn something new.
I have rotated items in and out of the smoker during a long smoke.

You can always run the ABT's and Fatties after the Chickens are done while the Butt's and Briskets are still cooking.

Just a thought.....
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