what do you smoke while your smoking (cigar enthusiast)

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  1. as im sitting here waiting for the smoker to warm up and i began to wonder who else enjoys a good cigar while hanging out by the smoker. i by no means an aficionado   but i do enjoy most of the drew estates line. today im going with the drew estates jave latte. [​IMG]
  2. When I was smoking cigars i tried all kinds from the top line down to the basic stand by, Swisher's. I finally found the one that was perfect!!!!  Backwoods Honey Berry or Sweets. But unfortunately, as soon as i found the "one", i had to stop......... i so miss them!
  3. meateater

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    I quit almost 5 years ago but did enjoy Fuente Exquisitos alot and the Drew Estate lines among others. 
  4. biggeorge50

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    I like almost any Fuente except the curlyheads.  Opus X and Royal Salute are my favorites; 8-5-8 for everyday.
  5. I have enjoyed the montecristo #7
  6. chef jimmyj

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    It's been a few years but, on the cheap, Garcia Vega Crystal's...got some money, Montecristo #3...Hit the lottery, Montecristo #2 CUBAN!

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