What cuts to use for Pastrami from scratch?

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Apr 21, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
I've had good results using the corned-beef to pastrami method.  It is good, but I'm thinking of starting from scratch and brining my own.  I'm thinking of round as it is lean.  Any suggestions out there for a certain cut of meat that does well?

Brisket is my first choice but Eye Round and Top Round would work and are much leaner...JJ
brisket would be # 1,other than that i think shoulder clod would be second, they are usually leaner than the chuck but a little fattier than round,shoulder has much more flavor than the round cuts, also they tend to get better  when cooking for long periods, round cuts can get dry and tough if over cooked. just my opinion. 
Brisket for those of us in the U.S.

Aussies use bottom round or "silver side" roast for their corned beef from what I understand?

The Aussie version would be much leaner.

I like the brisket?

Good luck and good smoking.
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