What can you tell me about Greasy Hill Custom smokers?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by berger, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. berger

    berger Newbie

    I am looking at the BR-01 smoker.   

    Anyone have any info on them?

  2. sidpost

    sidpost Fire Starter

    Where do you live?  What attracts you to this maker?
  3. berger

    berger Newbie

    I live in Georgia. I like the price. A reverse flow. The size is right. I am looking for something to do festival and caterings off of. Probably be used more as a hot box but want the capability to smoke on it when I feel like it. Firebox doesn't seem too small. Stacks seem right.
  4. berger

    berger Newbie

    It looks pretty straight forward. I don't need bells and whistles and I don't have deep pockets.
  5. Talk to them and see if they'll let you fire one up for a few hours onsite and check it out. See how easy it is to get up to temp and maintain temps.

    You supply the fuel and labor, their only risk is loosing a sale, right?
  6. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    I can vouch for a lang or a bubba .Never heard of greasy hill.
  7. berger

    berger Newbie

    I've used a Lang. Out of my price range right now. Never used a Bubba, but it also is outta my budget. Picking one of these up Monday. Will fire it up Tuesday and let you know. Got Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Fest next Saturday and will have it there. Time to put it to the test.
  8. I have a friend with a similar smoker. Biggest issue is airflow, as well as real short reverse flow plate (only 2/3 of the smoker chamber). Getting it up to temp can be a challenge.

    These look like the same pits from Custom Pits out of Alabama.
  9. crazyq

    crazyq Meat Mopper

    To me, the firebox looks small. Which would lead to the above mentioned issues.

    Edit: i looked it up on their site and if its a 30"x60" with a 30"x24"x24" firebox it should be good as far as size. As long as those sizes are correct.

    Let us know how it does tho. I never seen or cooked on one in person.
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  10. I think these guys throw together whatever looks good enough to sell. The couple we have seen here on this site have had problems. This looks like a different model, and should perform better than the other two, .....think maybe someone should introduce them to this site so they can put a little better design together.
  11. berger

    berger Newbie

    Well, I went ahead and ordered one up.  Was supposed to be ready on the 12th but the lady who runs it called me and got me one built over the weekend.  Went and picked it up yesterday.

    Sprayed it down with some cooking oil and fired it up.  Used about 1/3 of a bag of Matchlight (yeah, I'll go to hell for using it, but I'm ok with it), threw a couple splits on there and let nature run its course.  After about 30 minutes, I was still sitting around 150 degrees and started to worry that the issue with heating it up may be true.  I threw a couple more splits on and crossed my finger.

    I ended up hitting 250 right about 53 minutes in.  I got it up to 300 about 10 minutes later (actually, 8, but who's counting).  This was in 41 degree weather with rain. 

    It has been about 2 1/2 hours and I've added one fairly decent size split to the fire.  It's been holding pretty close to 250 with the butterfly vents about 3/4 closed and chimney pretty wide open.  I have been opening and closing the chamber door a little too much, but it is right around 225 and a nice stream of blue smoke coming out. 

    So far so good.
  12. berger

    berger Newbie

    One other thing I didn't do at the beginning but adjusted when I was waiting for it to rise to temp was to lift the nose a little higher.  Don't know if it was just the fire getting going or the adjustment, but the temp rose quicker after that.
  13. Congrats. Glad it working for you.

    Did you go with the BR-01 or a different model?
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  14. berger

    berger Newbie

    I went with the BR-01.  I really don't need all the other stuff the more expensive models came with.  It would be nice to have a crate to hold wood, but I think I am just going to attach milk crates to the top of the firebox when transporting and then take them off when I get there.  The rib holding boxes seem like they would be great, but I used to use a Lang that had those and never used them really.  I've got a Yeti and some cambro boxes that work pretty well for holding stuff hot.

    Now I just need something to smoke...  (On the smoker, I mean)
  15. glocksrock

    glocksrock Smoking Fanatic

    Congrats on your new toy. Don't forget to post some q-view pics!
  16. Good to go. Considering you've had a Lang I would be interested in an owners comparison of the two.
  17. hey guys just wondering how the smoker is I was in contact with greasy hill yesterday about the same smoker I to thought something was fishy with the prices that's more than half the price of most ive been looking at is it worth it I also have a bbq business looking to mount to my trailer any help would be great they are hard to find up by me in new jersey thanks
  18. Hog,

    The more research I have done, there appears to be 3-5 companies "producing" and saleing the same smokers. Greasy Hill and Custom Pits appears to have the same smokers. I can't recall the other companies I have seen in the past couple weeks. I'm not making a judgment on their quality because I have not personally cooked on either of them.

    I have a friend that has one of these clones and after a a couple modifications, he is able to produce some good 'cue out of it. The flip-side is that I had a welder build me a Lang clone and it was a beast. Was all but automatic, one stick an hour and it rolled. I can give you the builders name if you are interested. He is at the Maryland/Delaware border.

    Sorry, did not mean to hijack the thread.
  19. hey va thanks for the info I was noticing the same thing between the companies something up there maybe but who knows I would definitely be interested in your builders name plus its way closer to me has he made more than just yours ive been looking at lang for a while now but one its to small and the other is to big need like a in between one do you have any pics you can send me that would be great thanks again
  20. glocksrock

    glocksrock Smoking Fanatic

    Lang has some things they make that they don't have on their website, for instance they make a model called the 36 stretch, which is the length of the 36 with chargiller, except it's one single smoke chamber with no chargriller, just the smoker and a firebox that is the size of the firebox on the model 48. You can find a video of it on youtube, just search for lang 36 stretch. Not sure about the pricing, or what other stuff they may be able to do, but just give them a call and they will advise you better than anyone.

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