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    HaHa! At first, I thought your pasta was cloves of garlic!  It took me about 20 secs to figure it out.  But during that 20 sec I was really wondering.
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    That's funny! I guess I should have mentioned that but I was just thinking about what i "smoked"! They are just some shells I made a quick garlic alfredo sauce with, I really wanted a tater but didn't have any.
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    So I'll be up front, no pics, as it was early, and I had some early issues that had me preoccupied.  Had a pork shoulder that I split into two 4 pound halves to reduce my cook time, plus one pork loin.  Loin (I split into three pieces so I had a total of six ends with rub on them) was rubbed with a friend's secret recipe, while shoulder(s) were done with a commercial one that I've had for a while and wanted to use up.

    Started around 8am with lump charcoal topped with chunks of hickory in my 18" SM, using minion method.  Took about an hour to get up to temperature, which while I was waiting I panicked and ran to the store and got a dry bag of charcoal (I had one, but it got wet from sprinklers that went off last night).  By the time I got back, we were at 250 and seemed to be holding.  Losing faith in the lump, I switched to hickory infused Kingsford and refilled twice.  Did something wrong the second time as my temp soared to 350 at one point, and the juices in the water pan were sizzling.  I think it ended up just helping me get the internal temp to 200.  Pulled the loins off around 2 and the shoulders at 6:30. 

    One loin was wrapped for a new neighbor, other two were sliced and vacu-sealed for later use.  Shoulders fell apart as I was pulling them off the lower grate and pulled very nicely with my bear claws.  Ended up having PP sliders for dinner and vacu-sealed up three, one-pound bags for later and one Ziplock container of under a pound for sharing at work and lunch on Tuesday.

    So....a couple questions:

    1. Is minion not suggested when using lump or did I just panic?  I don't *usually* use it, but got a great deal on a busted bag at Krogers for over half off.

    2. For shoulders, what is the target internal temperature?  I thought I had a Boston butt which I read was 205, but boy did that shoulder fall apart nicely at 180.

    Overall, for first smoke of the year, I was pretty happy with it once my initial issues were overcome.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good holiday on Monday.  Take time and remember why we have this special day.
  4. Long day and due to Time Constraints  finished the boston butt and brisket in the oven and the ribs on the grill,  all in all it was a great day.  for my second smoke I think it went pretty well. everyone ate and had a great time. (26 showed up till it was said and done)

    so here are a few of the highlights

  5. My Memorial Weekend cook-out

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    Great thread and some awesome chow..

    I smoked 2 butts,5 lbs of wings and 12 thighs last week so I had no cooking except warm up and veggies this weekend..

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    Day #2

    Carne asada (from flank steak) served on homemade tortillas with homemade pico, and ABT's

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    That looks good
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    Looks Awesome, impressive for your second smoke. 
  10. Shame on me for not taking pics, but smoked a shoulder yesterday using apple and oak chunks. Did a hot and fast instead of low and slow and gotter' done in 6 hours.
  11. Bobcats: I've never used lump in my WSM. Kingsford is supposed to be much easier to control, so that's what I have always used (keeping in mind that I'm new to this...just got the WSM earlier this year, but it's already gotten a lot of use). I'd save the lump for the grill, though!

    A 100 degree jump is a lot. I wonder why your temps jumped so high...did you keep the water bowl filled? Did you have it opened up too long when you added the coals? Lump is supposed to burn hotter, but it sounds like you had it under control.

    If you figure it out, I'd like to know. Mistakes, unfortunately, are the best way to learn...and I've learned a lot during my life!  [​IMG]
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    I smoked three racks of loin back ribs yesterday as an early Memorial Day - late Mother's Day luncheon.

    I didn't get many pics but here is one of the last rack to come off the WSM!

  14. I can't believe this, but I'm not smoking a single thing for Memorial Day...

    I am however, going to bust out the weber kettle grill and put a hurtin on some ribeyes I got.  I was going to reverse sear them, but the wife wants a regular grilled steak with taters and grilled asparagus.  And what momma wants, momma gets...
  15. I know the feeling!


    So here is what i have going on today. I had to make something to keep me going for my 3 2 1 ribs. So egg rolls is what came to mind. Here are a few pics.

    1 this is ground pork egg roll mix.

    2 rolled one up.

    3 all rolled up.

    4 into the 350 deg oil.

    6 out of the oil ready to eat.

    that should keep me going while the ribs are smoking.

    Happy smoken.

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    I just didn't have time so smoke today but the good news is that I got a new Weber Gold grill.  The friends & family just wanted hamburgers & hot dogs so thats what I am doing.  I have the Blue Ember I-Que but I rarely use it cause I prefer charcoal. I do have a good amount of pulled pork & brisket that I vacuumed sealed after our gathering last weekend so gonna bust that out to balance things out.  Boar's Head hot dogs were on sale too so grabbed a bunch of them.
  18. Now  the ribs are on the UDS with half brickets and half lump. a couple of chunks of hickory.

    1 mixed up a batch of my rub.

    1 all rubbed down.

    2 into the UDS

    3 that is rack # 3 into the UDS

    now the 3 2 1 begains.

    later there will be ABT'S corn on the cob and garlic french bread.

    Happy smoken.

  19. Have enjoyed looking at everyone's pics of their celebratory cooking for Memorial Day, Thank you for sharing those with us.

    I didn't smoke or grill anything this weekend, but did go to my sister's  house on the Trinity River and had a meal cooked from the ware's that they had been catching from the river. Had a mess of fried catfish, hushpuppies, fried pickles, and french fries for our meal.

    We all ate til we had our fill and the smiling faces showed that all had a great meal.

    I had made some home made ice cream for dessert.

    Then the dasher got licked and we all had a bowl of frozen rich goodness to finish it all off.

    Thanks for looking and hope that everyone had as good a time with family and friends as I did this weekend and to be thankful for all of the heroic men and women of this country that sacrificed so much for us to be able to gather with friends and loved ones in celebration of their efforts for our Freedom.

    Thanks for looking.
  20. I have a boneless leg of lamb in the smoker. I used One Screw Loose Garlic Wet Rub on it.

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