westinghouse fridge build...

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Original poster
Jan 24, 2014
 Hi all new guy here i have all ready done the roll call post..

 Working on a (small budget) westing house fridge smoker (free).....have stripped everything out insulation,plastic... i didn't like the idea of leaving the old insulation in there....and the inside of the fridge had to many holes and a large crack so i took that out as well.  

I have relined with plywood, and have two 1000 w burners in there..(had it up to 212 deg) in 45 min..on the top for an exaust vent i used a 3x10 floor register....

Today im cutting in a 3 inch hole in the side of the fridge for my little chief smoker box and vent.....

My question is i would like to seal the joints of plywood up good but don't want to use any caulking...would that aluminium tape be all right to use..  Im thinking i might also cover the ply wood with tin foil to get it a little warmer in there...... will post pics later  thanks brock
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