Weekend eats

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Jan 31, 2022
New Mexico
Kicked off the weekend with a couple of sirloin tips. Salt and pepper and into the sous vide @131.
While the sirloin was in the sous vide had to run to the store for car parts and stopped by the store. Had st louis cut for $2.99 and butts for $1.99. best prices I've seen in more than 6 months. They didn't have many so I took the best of both, then texted my wife to ask, "ribs or pulled pork?" She said both!
Came home with 2 butts and 3 racks.

Seared off the sirloin on the gasser. Served with rice, gravy and seared broccoli.


Deep scored the butts in opposite directions to get salt in there, then lightly scored the fat cap to help it render. Salted and in the fridge. Will rub and fire up the smoker in the morning.



We will eat the ribs tomorrow, the butts will rest till Sunday for after church lunch!
Fixing to be a good weekend despite having to do some car repairs.
Thanks all.

It got off to a slow start this morning. Butts didn't go on till 9:30 because I got bit by a little karma. Living in NM, I always snicker when people on here complain about water problems (molds in the smoker, cleaning ashes immediately so they don't collect water, etc). But we had a week of rain and then a week of cool temps recently. I open up the smoker too find mold and a firebox full of ash sludge... Got that cleaned up, butts rubbed with Memphis Dust (credit Meathead) and on the smoker.

Around 11:00 got the ribs rubbed with a made up on the spot rub and on the smoker.

Been running between 275 and 215 or so.

Hoping to eat ribs in 2 hours. Still trying to decide leave dry rubbed or glaze.
Well, my phone died Saturdayday, but that was the least of my issues.
Despite going on at 11, the ribs were no where near done by 4 when I wanted to glaze. I moved them to the hottest part of the smoker to try to power then through. By 6, they weren't done, but seemed like they'd be edible.
Didn't get any pictures. They looked great, but we're slightly tough and a little dry. They were underdone and then I think the high heat dried them out. The first rack was chewy. I wanted the second rack for last, it was better. It wasn't bite through, but you could clean the bone. I didn't get a picture, but we did finish off 2 racks with 4 adults (and 5 kids under 6), so they were edible... But could have been better.

I pulled the butts off at 7:30, so 10 hours on the pit. IT was 155 (measured with hand held probe)... I'm starting to get suspicious at this point, but we have guests and I'm tired.
Butts wrapped and in the oven at 215. Happened to wake up at 1:00 AM, checked iny the butts and turned then down to 170. In the morning I decided I was just slightly premature, so turned up to 185 until service at 2:00 on Sunday.

Served with gluten free rolls, hot coleslaw, pickled ripe yellow hots and a simple sauce of 1 cup drippings, 1 egg, 1 cup vinegar, salt, and paprika.


The "tear and share" butt was a huge hit. Tender and moist and each (large) bite sized piece had good bark. The fat cap rendered into little crisp chips, so tasty. I will definitely score butts like this in the future. Next time though I'll rotate them part way through, you can see one side got more bark than the other.

Alright to the punchline. When I first put the butts in, the probe in the meat read 55. I know that fridge runs closer to 32, it's very cold, so I figured that therm was off, but it didn't matter, I just wanted a rough monitor, since I was planning to finish it in the oven anyways. This should have been alarm bell 1.

I'm still working to learn how to run my Bell Fab, but this was the best controlled smoke yet. But despite even temps on the digitals and the tell trus being only 5 to 15 apart, the digitals consistently read ~50 higher than the gauges. Should have been alarm bell 2.

It wasn't until I woke up Sunday morning that it clicked. All of my digital probes must have gotten a little bit of water in them. 😬
So I think I was running closer to 200 than 250.

The only thing I'll do different from now on is stop snickering at you folks that live where it actually rains... 😂
meat looks good, glad you were able to work through some timing issues and your guests were fed and happy
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