Wednesday Brisket with view

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  1. So at 5:30 am pst I threw a 13lb brisket on ... I usually start these at midnite but they are finished roughly around noon so I'm going with a day cook and lower temps , less fuel in the WSM ( consisting of kingsford comp, mesquite lump, cherry and pecan...temp right now is at 214 so I'm gonna try and keep in the 220 range for as long as I can ... Plan is to wrap in butcher paper somewhere around the 5-6 hr mark depending on color .... Here is a pic of when I put in fridge 2days ago ...cya around noon for an update....

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  2. Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to seeing some Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  3. So here we are about 4:15 in and it's looking good ....temp on the pit is 223 so we are right on track ... I think I will give it another half hour to an hour before I butcher wrap ....

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  4. Looks great. Starting to take on a nice color.

    tell us about the butcher wrap. A long time back I read something about that. But I have had a[​IMG]  since then.[​IMG]  OK I have had a bunch of [​IMG]  since then.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looking nice....wanna see more!

  6. So I just wrapped in butcher paper and quick check of the temp looked to about 161 so everything is progressing nicely ....
  7. yeh x2 on that one..ive been trying to figure out what the deal is with butcher paper wrapping....
  8. Helps protect the meat from the heat yet breaths unlike foil ... Meat does not not steam in its juices ...
  9. I see. i'm looking forward to seeing the finished brisket.

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  11. Well, a little over 12 hours I've pulled from the smoker .... In about 45 min we will have some sliced pics

  12. As promised .......


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    Looks great! [​IMG]  I get inspired when I see pics like this I'm working myself up to a brisket smoke just gotta find the time.  
  14. So this is my fourth brisket and second time cooking to tender as opposed to temp ... I cooked this at 220 as opposed to 250-260. And the lower temp did add to the cook time .. I'm really happy how this came out ... Not much of a smoke ring but it is damn tasty and norm time for me to go eat !!

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