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Washed Phone


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Blowing smoke section it's all good sorry about your mother it's never easy


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Prayers sent, if somebody don't like a post avoid it, no need to comment and drag somebody down, we all have life happen to us, sharing don't always a set topic . I have lost 3-4 phones in search of fish and game, still get a long distance bill from the 1 I dropped in the lake 15 years ago lol , have 2 in the woods somewhere 1 in the civic coliseum, have dropped a few and they died, my track record sucks .

Steve H

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I've been fortunate as far as phones go. Never lost one. Only destroyed one. And luckily it had very little data in it. No big loss.


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Q: What did we do before cell phones?
A: Swear a lot less
Cell Phone?? I've never owned one. We still use our rotary phone. My wife does have an older track phone that she buys minutes for when we go on long trips.

Sorry peach. Probably had to do with a few cocktails and hearing more bad news my mom getting ready for her next life. I losing my mine today.
Sorry to hear Brian, stay strong. I've been there and it's tough.



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Cool app!
We have ours written in word, and printed out & taped to the inside door of one of the cabinets. Actually we are trying to downsize to just one fridge/freezer. I have an iPhone & everything including the apps is backed up daily to iCloud, so if the phone breaks, I just get a new one & all the data is downloaded to the new phone. It has happened to me twice already & even the icons are in the same place on the new phone.

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