Wagyu Brisket Time

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Jan 13, 2015
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Last one was pretty darn good. Going to see I can duplicate it. Total weight 12.36# trimmed to 9.71#. Just 50/50 salt & pepper and placed into the fridge last night. Set the smoker to 275% this morning and put it on at 6am.
Dinner is set for 5pm. So far it's chugging along, IT is approaching 150º. Plan is to wrap with butcher paper after it's been in the stall for a bit. Guessing that will be somewhere around 170º.
At 12:30pm wrapped in butcher paper with IT ~ 173º & bumped the smoker up 25º. Piggy shots also placed in smoker, 'cause ya gotta have hors d'oeuvres before the main event. Then set about making jcam222 jcam222 's Heart of Palm salad. Store was out of fennel so substituted small seedless cucumbers. Still messing with the dressing, something in there (think it's the amount of honey) needs tweaking.

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Gave up on the dressing. Went with our standard Lime Vinaigrette instead. At 3pm IT~ 193º. This is Wagyu so should be getting done soon. Will start probing at 195º.
Thanks David!

yankee2bbq yankee2bbq if I would have known... saved one helping for us the rest went home with son-in-law who just made it back from Kabul last week.

Thanks Ray!
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