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Original poster
Apr 9, 2014
Well I will be using my offsets smoker for the first time Saturday .
I really don't know how to use it , I know I load smoker box with hot coal and wood chips to smoke , but do I use the larger part of the grill also
With coals or not . Like I said first time and all or any help would be appreciated . Thanks mike

Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

Good morning Mike and welcome, If you could post some pictures of your smoker it would be helpful. A typical off-set has a cook chamber (CC) and a fire box (FB) I am guessing you have a strait  flow (SF)  (fire box on one end and smoke stack on the other. A reverse flow (RF) has the fire box and smoke stack on the same end.  First lets get your smoker seasoned up before you smoke anything. Get a can of pam (any spray type oil) or a spray bottle with cooking oil. Next you need to build a fire in the fire box, charcoal, lump charcoal either is fine. if there is a damper between the FB and CC make sure it is wide open, if your stack has a damper open it all the too. Now your are going to start getting the smoker up to temp and a little  more. Let it go like that for a little while, it will take care or any surface oil that they sometimes use at the factory. Then you want to spray the entire inside and racks with the oil. Let it bake on for a while and I would spray it again, just let it go till the coals got out. and your seasoned up. 

Now what to smoke first ? Since you are new to smoking, do some chicken I like leg quarters, pretty simple, cheap and real forgiving. Build your fire in the FB , while your smoker is coming up to temp, we'll get the chicken ready. I like to brine my chicken but we'll save that for another time. Clean you quarters up, rub them down with olive oil (or any good oil) coat them with your favorite rub, and they are ready for the smoker. There are all different suggestions on what temp to cook chicken, I smoke at 225º  to 250º  low and slow. So assuming your smoker is at 225 -250 throw a few chunks of whatever flavor wood you prefer, Your chicken will absorb the smoke flavor, Leg quarters should take about 3 hours or a little more you want the internal temp to be at least 165º  If your chicken looks like it is drying out you can spritz if (I use apple juice) when its ready should be somewhere between a deep golden brown to a light mahogany, tender and juicy. When you take it up let it rest a bit, the juices will re-distribute and won't run out when you cut into it. Hope this is helpful and gets you started in the right direction

Gary S
Gary ,thanks very much for the info . My smoker is a cheap brinkman horizontal with fire box opposite of smoke stack . Well I guess ( didn't know) will season tonight before
I throw the chicken on tomorrow . Again thank for the help
Glad I could help, If you have any questions at all just ask. One other thing I would keep the smoke stack damper all the open (if it has one) while smoking and control your temp with the damper in the fire box. My opinion if you start chocking back the smoke stack damper you will get a lot of stale smoke and a creosote taste. A lot of times when you chicken or other meats come off a smoker that are real black not burnt but black, way to much smoke and will give you a bitter taste, just saying !

Gary S
tuze-looks like Gary S has you heading in the right direction. Have you given any thought as to what your are smoking for your maiden smoke? Chicken is forgiving and can be cooked at a higher temp (I go for about 300°-325°) and bork butt is forgiving as well but will take much longer to cook-plan on 1 1/2 hours per pound cooking at 250°.

Lots of forums here to look at and get ideas from and be sure to shout-out if you have any questions

Enjoy the Smoke!
Hey, be sure and post some pictures of your chicken.

Gary S
Thanks fellows , chicken and also just picked up some rib from the neighborhood butcher.i will post pics , good or bad ! Lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.