Vietnamese Pho Ga chicken noodle soup-keto

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May 25, 2019
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So I ordered some rubs from Oakridge BBQ and thy had an interesting rub called Saigon 21 Experimental. It came with a recipe for this soup that I thought was interesting. I changed it a bit for my liking.

1 box (32 oz) Swanson No Salt Added Chicken Stock (do not substitute other kind) I used 2 boxes
1 boneless/skinless chicken breast (around 6-8 oz) I used 2 - 12 oz pieces of chicken thinly sliced before cooking.
1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon Saigon 21 seasoning
Bahn Pho rice noodles (thin vermicelli size) I subbed in 3 - 8oz packages of Shirataki tofu noodles to save the 64 carbs

Empty entire box of chicken stock into medium sauce pan with 1 Tablespoon Saigon 21 seasoning. Bring to low
boil. As soon as bare boil is achieved, start 25 minute timer and reduce heat to keep at low boil. Wait 5 minutes.
At 20 minutes remaining, gently place chicken breast into stock and pause timer. Turn heat up to quickly resume
low boil. When pot returns to low boil, reduce heat to prevent rapid boil and resume timer. Now prepare rice
noodles per package instructions. They should be cool and rinsed/drained before timer goes to zero. At end of
time, with tongs remove chicken breast and check internal temp (should be at least 165º inside) – kill the heat. Set
chicken aside to cool while you add 1 teaspoon Saigon 21 to stock, stir and cover with tight fitting lid. Now, shred
the chicken breast into small to medium shreds. Place rinsed/drained rice noodles in bottom of large bowl, top with
shredded chicken then ladle hot stock into bowl until noodles and chicken are fully covered. Try not to disturb the
spice sediment at the bottom of the stock pot while ladling into bowl. Garnish bowl with additional pinch of Saigon
21. Optional accoutrements – thin sliced scallions or white onions, fresh jalapeno slices, bean sprouts, cilantro,
hoisin sauce, Sriracha and a lime wedge

I reduced the cooking time a bit as I thinly sliced the chicken before cooking. Also added sliced scallions, sliced water chestnuts, carrots, bean sprouts, hoisin and soy sauce both to taste after.

Here is the rub, I also use their Chili-Lime rub often, it makes great chicken fajitas.

Chicken thinly sliced ready to go into the pot.

The Shirataki noodles, they come packed in liquid and kind of has a slight fishy smell. I rinse in a colander several times and then float in some cold water then drain before adding. I have never experienced any bad odors or tastes after rinsing and it is relatively free of carbs (5).

Cooking away in the pot, I reduced the cooking time by about a third

Finally the money shot, I finished with some hot sesame oil for some heat
finished bowl.jpg

The wife and I both flipped over this, made the entire house smell great. We probably have enough for 2 more meals left over in the freezer. I look forward to using this rub in so many ways.

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