Video of Greg from Ballistic BBQ cookin' a Pork Brisket!?

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Meat Mopper
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Mar 14, 2021
Greg's my favorite non-famous/non-competition pitmasters out there. Even tho he's from So Cal and not fat, I think he could probably do well on the competition circuit lol, His backyard setup's pretty damn badass. Anywho, this video came up in my feed and I had never even heard of such a thing. I'm guessing it's like Pork Burnt Ends, which are some kind of hybrid that aren't recognized by the die-hard enthusiasts. It must be something new that's recently trending for some reason. Because I just went on YT and looked up other videos, only found a few and they were posted in the past couple weeks. The finished product, to me how it looks I'd rather have Brisket, with that said I would 100% eat it, probably 3 servings in 1 sitting lol. Greg said it was awesome, and he's definitely about 178 levels above me in BBQ experience and knowledge so I need to try this. Haven't Googled the price, but something tells me it's 1. not going to be cheap (at all) and 2. won't be available at any store around me.

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Porter road butcher has pork brisket. I have 3 in the freezer but haven't smoked one yet is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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