Vertical Reverse Flow Cabinet Plans

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Mar 6, 2011
First, what an awsome sight you guys have here. It is simply jammed with information and I look forward to checking it all out  and hopefully contributing a few things along the way!

I'm a long time smoker who has used a wide variety of cheap smokers for many years and I'm finnally ready to take the leap and fibricate my own smoker.

I'm a welder and machinist so I have the skills to make a good smoker but I certainly lack the design skills.

Is there a source of good quality plans out there that a guy can use as a starting point? I'm certain that I would need to modify those plans as I have already seen some great ideas on this site.

I'm very interested in the Vertical Reverse Flow Cabinets. I have seen pics of several on the sight and I am drawing a blank on finding any plans that I would be willing to build and invest the money on. I would also consider making a vertical cabinet with an offset burner as I have used these smokers in the past.

Any and all info would be very much appreciated.

If you go to the search box & type in reverse flow cabinets there are a lot of results. Hope this helps, and welcome to SMF. If you would, please go to the roll call section & introduce yourself. Then we can all give you a proper SMF welcome.
So, my RF BBQ Smoker is days away from completion in fact the base coat of paint is going on as I type. I have had some great input and ideas from many people on the site!

One big question I have not been able to research and have anwsered is what is the minimum space that the fuel grate should have below it for good air flow? My prototype coal box has an 18"x18" footprint so the coals will be well spread out very well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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