Venison Summer Sausage

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Dec 24, 2006
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I am going to try a recipe from a friend of mine. The sausge will be 50/50 deer/pork. He said I should trim most of the fat from the pork butt or shoulder.

After seasoning is added the meat is ground then stuffed into collogen 2lb casings. Left in fridge overnight then smoked at 150 f for 6-8 hours. They don't monitor the temp of the meat.

After smoking they hang the sticks in their shed for 6-12 weeks. Shed is not heated but is insulated some. He said freezing is okay, warmer temps are okay also, as long as the temps don't change to rapidly either way. He said there could be a little mold show up on the casings, if so just wipe with a rag wet with vinager and water. When the desired firmness is reached wrap each stick with a paper towel then wrap in aluminum foil and freeze. It will keep for a year or so.

I have eaten their sausage on several occasions over the past few years. It is absolutely delicious. It is a very tough summer sausage.

I was wondering if anyone else has experience in making summer sausage in a similar manner? I have searched high and low and can't find a recipe like this. Thanks for any guidence.

Hey Cheech thanks. That is the very close to what I am going to try. It is good to see a little documentation on the basic process.

I know my friend uses no humidity or heat control. They just wait until Jan. to make the sausage so "Mother Nature" provides cold temps.

Thanks again.

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