Venison Stix

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Missed this thread.
Sorry bout the girls getting in a huff. Hope it doesn't rain on them too.
Saw the thread on losing your gasser.

Great start on sticks. Appears your blend meat is pork?

I agree and it only needs to be a 50/50 blend to get that added flavor.
Bronco made it thru the winds, slight dent on the side but still working. The weber gas I gave it away for scrap.

We are going to put clear corrugated panels up on the roof.

Yes my cut in is fresh ground pork. I go to butcher (Boones) and get local sourced pork, grind and fill bags into 1 pounders and freeze.
There are so few kill butchers left back in NW MN it makes me sad. Got great beef all around and some hogs, but I don't know where they send them.

We are going to put clear corrugated panels up on the roof.
More light sounds good. Make sure they have enough shady areas to get out of the direct sun including keeping the roosting boxes out of the sun. Those 100+° days in the O valley really suck.
I hope you don't get irritated that I probably preach to a choir but been around livestock in my younger days.
Will be watching . Just made some Bloody Mary (Waltons) venison sticks 19mm. Used 4# fatfree venison and 1# pork trim. Took to 152°, very dry and tough. Not enough fat ? I have a tough time making decent sticks, kind of disappointing .
Stuffed and in the snoopy.

The venison Stix are done, cooled now so going to rest for an hour before brown bag and fridge. Vac seal tomorrow or Friday.

I stuffed into 19mm smoked collagen.




Fueling Around Fueling Around what part of NW MN are you in? That is my general local also. Crookston, Karlstad, and Thief River Falls all have nice shops but no kill butchers anymore like you said. BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker those are some darn good looking sticks that I’m sure taste just as good. Nice job 👍 is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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