Venison Red Barn /Cheddar SS Round #2

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Sep 29, 2018
North Dakota
Time for round 2 of Red Barn Summer Sausage.
Switching it up slightly going with cheddar instead of pepperjack.
7# venison
5.5 # pork butt
Red Barn Seasoning/cure for 12.5# ( Owens )
Amesphos 1/8 to 1/2 tsp per # of meat
2 cups ice /garlic water
3 tbls mustard seed ( all I had )
Shredded cheddar 1#
Muslim bags (4 )
Pork and venison sliced for grinder

Just used the KA grinder for this small batch

Mixed ingredients, fry test ( good ) , added cheese, mixed again. Stuffed in soaked muslim bags ( thanks chopsaw chopsaw / BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker ) and fridged overnight.

Smoke day, -3° slight breeze.
Smoker heated to 200° and settled back in at 140°
Sterilize thermometers and sausage ready to go

After 1 hr , added tray with LJ maple / hickory / cherry pellets ( microwaved )
Temp bumped to 150°
1 hr bumped to 160°, quite cool out so bumped to 165°
5 hrs in temps looking good

Temp of sausage to 145°, held for 45 mins.
Total time this go-around was a little over 8 hrs ( because of colder temps and wind )
Let cool, and fridge overnight.

Peeled bags off and started slicing

Vacmaster 360

Round 2 complete
Man , that looks great . So how was it ? You're set for awhile .
Nice work .
Looks great. I too like Red barn and muslin bags.
I work part time at my son-in-law’s meat locker and started making Red Barn SS! It’s good stuff!
Nice job 👍🏼
Looks great. I too like Red barn and muslin bags.
Thanks Adam, it has become my favorite.
Wow, that looks awesome! You are set for few weeks !
That maybe about all the longer it does last. We go through a lot and I give to some friends.
Killer SS man. :emoji_thumbsup:
BTW your humidifier is getting low:emoji_wink:
Thanks. . .
Dang cold temps with heat running heavily, hard to keep decent humidity in the house. 1 full container every night.
Man looks phenomenal! I gotta try that someday.
Thanks Jeff, one of the easier sausages to make actually.
Winterrider Winterrider , what do you like about muslin bags instead of the typical cellulose?
Muslim bags can be packed tighter and they take on smoke better.
Man that looks so good!
Thanks Brian. . .
That would not last long around me, looks great!
Thanks, it will go pretty quickly.
WR, Nice job on your summer sausage, you need my address? :)
I think I got it already :emoji_wink:
I work part time at my son-in-law’s meat locker and started making Red Barn SS! It’s good stuff!
Nice job 👍🏼
Thanks, don't recall a few yrs ago but someone here recommended it.
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Thank you all for the likes, greatly appreciated !
That looks delicious. The amount of AmesPhos has a pretty big spread, what amount did you use? And did you dissolve it in your garlic water?
Thanks, I used 1/4 tsp per lb and dissolved in straight 1/4 cup water. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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