Using cast iron on a glass stove top?????

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Feb 8, 2012
Harford County, Maryland
Has anyone had a problem using CI on a glass stove top? I've heard that the top may crack, is that from being dropped or the glass not being able to handle the heat with the weight on it?

I have an enamel Dutch Oven that I use and absolutely love, but would like to use my old CI skillet.

I use a cast iron skillet and a cast iron wok on my glass Jenn-air stove top with out any problems.
The "glass" stove tops are not really a true glass, but they are a glass ceramic composite material.  I have not seen a "do not use case iron" notice for them, but Whirlpool does caution not to slide rough cast iron as it "might" scratch the surface.  I don't think it would be a good idea to drop one on the surface either, but that is pretty much common sense.  I think if I dropped one of my hand sledges on any stovetop it would damage it, so I would expect no less from a similar weight be it a cast iron pan, a brick or whatever.

We have been cooking on one since 1998.  That stuff is tough as nails and easy to clean.  They make a special abrasive cleaner, but sometimes when stuff boils over and cooks onto the ceran surface, it's just as easy to take a single edge razor to it and scrape it off before hitting it with the cleaner.

And yes, I have an assortment of cast iron (raw uncoated, not the enameled cast iron) and I cook on my Whirlpool cook top all the time.
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I have heard that they will not work properly on account of the uneven surface of the cast iron, however I have been using them without any problem. Ernie
I always use mine on a glass top and recently did a sauce piquant in a cast iron camp oven( Dutch oven with legs) and it worked great. I didn't think it would but it worked exactly like if it was sitting directly against the surface.
I use cast iron consistently on a flat top stove, prefer the CI much over the aluminum non-sticks.  I do try not to slide them around and for sure you don't want to drop them hard on the cook top, but I have slid them and so far not a scratch.  The one thing I do watch for is some pans have a ring which keeps the whole pan surface from contacting the stove, I stay away from those.
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