Using a grinding plate/knife from my old grinder with new grinder?

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Dec 23, 2017
Crawford AL
I searched and searched, but apparently I'm not phrasing my question right...

I recently replaced my old #8 grinder with a LEM #8 grinder that came with only 2 grinding plates (3/8 and 3/16). The plates/knives that came with my kaput STX #8 grinder do fit the LEM, but are a bit thicker.

What I "want" to do is keep the 1/4 and 1/8 STX plates/knives to use with the LEM, but will the thicker plates cause a problem on the LEM?

I truly hope my question is clearer than the mud it seems to be! :emoji_wink:
How much thicker are they? And center hole diameter and actual plate diameter are the same as new ones? If the latter 2 is correct then I don't believe there would be an issue.
Haven't been wrong all year ! :emoji_blush:

My suggestion is to buy plates that fit the LEM . You have a nice grinder , I personally wouldn't take a chance .
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Yes, they should fit perfectly fine. And work fine. That is exactly the reason that standardized sizes like #8 even exist! One glance at the mechanism lets you see that thickness is not a fixed dimension, the plates are held in place by the nut/plateholder that screws on top of it. This allows a huge range of thicknesses to be held in place and work fine.

So long as the square auger shaft part still engages the knife, plate is not too thin. So long as the external cap can be screwed on to hold plate and knife onto auger, it's not too thick. That gives like a 3/8" thickness range, so 1 or 2mm plate thickness difference doesnt matter ;)
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I've seen a few different plate styles, but so long as the ones from your old grinder basically match the new one (Center hole size, outside diameter, the lug that keeps the plate from spinning in the housing and the square on your worm). In other words, if your plates from the old one closely match the new one, there is no reason you can't use them.
Thicker plates will work where thinner won’t always, so yes the thicker plates are fine but make sure of the knife fit on the square shaft. Don’t want that to be real loose. A little play is fine.
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