Use Jeff's R ub for grilling pork ribs?

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by tom welsh, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Usually I smoke pork ribs using mustard and lots of Jeff's Rub with great results. This time I am NOT using the smoker but just grilling the ribs.  Question: should I use Jeff's Rub for grilling or will its sugar content cause burning, like sweet barbecue sauces so often do?  Am I better off using something like the Texas Rub, which has no sugar? Thanks!
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    It all depends on the temp you are cooking at.  Once sugar hits 350 degrees it starts to burn and develop a bitter taste.  Grilling on a lower heat works well with ribs anyway, so I would hold your grill temp around 325-340 and you will be fine.  If you plan on grilling hotter you may want to steer away from using a rub with a high sugar content.

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    Just use indirect heat. I do ribs in my Weber kettle all the time.

    Coals on one side, ribs on the other, and my rub has a bunch if sugar in it.


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