Unexpected venison summer sausage

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Nov 27, 2013
Heartland of America
I planned on smoking sausage tomorrow or some time this weekend. But the daughter talked me into going rabbit hunting this morning. Which meant I planned a location, did some scouting, dragged everything out of the basement, then 30 minutes into the hunt she told me she "was freezing". It was about 4 degrees at the time, but I was sweating from tromping through weeds and climbing brush piles!

Long story short, I was home with the rest of the day ahead of me by 11:00, so I ground up about 15-20 (combination of) smoked and dried jalapeños, and added them to the Butcher & Packer 10 lb. venison summer sausage kit. As I type, the sausage is in its first stage at 110 degrees on the smoker. I'm using a combination of hickory and sweet woods (maple, cherry, apple, pear). 

And please be kind. I PROMISE to post photos.
These didn't reach an IT of 160 until 11:00 pm. It is about ten degrees outside, and apparently that makes a big difference on the MES. Luckily, I was staying up watching the Sugar Bowl. I don't think I'll slice into these tonight. I'll refrigerate and wait until tomorrow.

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm gonna HAVE to have a sample before I head to bed!
I love using the Butcher & Packer kit for summer sausage. I have tried at least two others, and been disappointed. Once again, I have some great summer sausage. I was a little disappointed with the mildness of the jalapeño. We grow these every summer, and sometimes we get some that are about as hot as a green pepper, and sometimes we get some that make you remember (regret?) them for hours. These were pretty mild.

After an overnight in the refrigerator.

You can see a little of the jalapeño (I just wish you could taste more of it!).
It looks like the texture turned out perfectly! A grocery store near my house gets in a nice supply of PS Seasoning kits and was thinking about trying a kit this year.

Woodcutter, that was one of the things I was hoping to try if we had come back with a couple of rabbits. I definitely wanted to try smoking one.
S/S looks great was this pure venison or did you add a nother meats to it looks like a great texture - ya wish we could taste it also
It's a 70% venison 30% pork mixture. I've never used 100% venison. Everything I've read says it would be too dry. I'm pleased with the texture. I took it to a family holiday gathering today and everyone LOVED it. And I am the only hunter in the group.
Does the smoke go through the casing? I dont use casing on mine, but rather just roll them into logs and set them on the racks. Seems to work awesome for me. 
Yes, the casings have small holes in them for the smoke to get in there better. I do un-cased s/s also sometimes and they turn out great also, just what ever your preference is at the time. 

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