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Original poster
May 2, 2022
Hi All

Have been using a Oklahoma Highland Offset for the last few years - and thoroughly enjoyed the results - mastering brisket on there was a particular achievement. This has been outside, open air and not been too bothered where the smoke went.

We are soon to move house and looking to build an outdoor kitchen in a covered timber shelter - would like everything under the cover because all year cooking and British weather! A new smoker might be on the cards - (was struck by a YT video with a Traeger Pellet wifi smoker - I really like this concept to have an easier time maintaining temps etc) but am concerned with it being under the shelter - which will be walled on three sides.

Question 1 - does anyone have a built in smoker - or modded one to be built in? If so which? Especially interested in a built in wifi pellet smoker....!!
Question 2 - as the shelter will be a sitting/bar area too, if the smoker is inside, I feel I need the chimney modded to get the smoke outside of the shelter - any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Cheers guys. Many thanks in advance

Welcome to SMF from Utah usa
Thanks for the welcome guys.

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