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  1. Hey folks! 

    Im keen to build a cooker, but have a few questions about it first.

    1)Does it matter what kind of drum I use? I have one here at home, but I dont actually know what it had in it. Its heavy gage and would be perfect in size. Will burning it out make it safe? Im thinking it had oil in it. (Ill ask my landlord and see if she knows)

    2) In the event that using such a barrel wouldnt be safe, could a person make a barrel from some, say, 12 gage steel weled into a roll? 

    IN my area, few people advertise barrels for sale, and if they do, they had oil in them. Any one have any hints about where a person could call and ask? 

    Thanks in advance folks

  2. Hello John.  A good burn out will take care of the inside BUT make sure not to get into the smoke and especially don't inhale the smoke as we don't know what was in the barrel.  Also you didn't post a picture so I don't know if you will have to cut it open to burn it out or if the barrel has a removable lid.  If it is a removable lid just place the barrel in wide open spaces, build a big hot fire and let 'er burn.  Once you burn it out and heat that metal it will start to rust overnight.  Just a light surface rust but it will start to rust.  If you must cut it open I urge you to use EXTREME caution as we don't know how flammable the contents were.  Washing it out a couple times will help but then where do you pour potentially toxic waste water?  You might take it to a car wash and jet wash the inside before cutting.  If you must use a grinder to cut it, fill the barrel completely full of water before cutting and leave every hole in the lid open ( remove the plugs ).  That's how we cut propane tanks.  Also use caution when mixing water and electric grinders.  I am not trying to scare you away from using this barrel and I don't mean to insult you but I don't know your experience.  I would rather risk insulting you than to give some flip,off the cuff answer and then find out someone got hurt.  Good luck.  Keep us posted.  Keep Smokin!

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    Hey John I work for a petroleum company and used a drum that had 15W40 in it. I took the bungs out and cut the top off with a sawzaw. Stayed just inside the lip and put a Weber lid on it. I did 2 burns just to be safe. Good luck
  4. Danny; I appreciate your caution. While I have heard that filling with water would be a good idea before, now that you have mentioned it Ill remember to do it for sure. Thanks. It has to be cut open. Ill go find a lid before I start the project, that way I can avoid cutting too big a hole. If I have the lid first I can just measure it to be sure first. Id hate to have to do any unneeded welding. I think that I will just use a jigsaw for it. I think Ill get a better finish on it if I do.


    Thanks for giving my some first hand knowledge. I had heard of guys doing what you suggested, I hadnt gotten word from anyone who had done it. Ill still get in touch with my landlord about it to check, but I feel pretty confident Ill just use it now.

    Ill be sure to post pics for a progress report for you guys. Thanks
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    Good luck. Smoke-on
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    John, drill your vent holes before you do your burn. Then while burning it out you can shoot compressed air into the vent holes. I did this and it really brought the temps up and helped get the bulk of the paint off. I'm sure that'll help burn off any left over oils/etc as well. I wire-wheeled my barrel inside and out before painting the outside and seasoning the inside.
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