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Original poster
Dec 28, 2011
Severn, MD
Hey all - I'm building my first UDS and I ended up finding a free barrel with the paint/liner in it so I had to burn it out.  After the burn I crawled in it (sorta) and was cleaning things up with a wire wheel and noticed there's still a little bit of paint in seams around the bottom.  The bottom never heated up enough to burn the paint off the outside of the barrel so I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the little bit of paint that is left....

The barrel heated up enough to drive off any volatiles that were in the paint...  You will NEVER get the drum up to that temperature with a basket of charcoal... 

If you want added insurance, install the 3 air inlet ports and build a small fire, like is in the drum now, and burn it again...  the air from the lower air inlets will heat the bottom section....  think about raising the drum off of the ground, on a few rocks or bricks, so it's not sitting on the cool ground...
Thanks for commenting - You've confirmed what I thought, I had 3 holes drilled when I burned it but it WAS sitting on the ground for most of the burn-in so that may be why it's being difficult.  I'll clean it out as best as I can with a wire wheel/brush before I season it.
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