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UDS Build in Honduras

Discussion in 'U.D.S. Ugly Drum Smoker' started by JOHN CLOW, May 7, 2019.

  1. Hey UDS users....
    After procrastinating on getting my UDS build started, waiting for the 'perfect time and design', I am done and ready to just make it. I've had the barrel, used for HFCS, sitting around for over a year now and need has driven me to start it, use it and make mods over time. This is totally against my personality as I like to get it all done and 'finished' before I use it. Ok...all that said....

    I have a good idea on getting it usable for a good smoke, but I am curious about a few things...
    1. I have noticed on all of the builds I've looked at, the bolts used for the racks are 3" long or longer. Is there a reason for this? 1-1/2" will work easily enough with the 22" weber rack I'm gonna use.
    2. If I go ahead and put in a second lower rack, how far down from the first rack should I put it?
    3. Most of the charcoal baskets I've seen are 12" cubes or round with the same capacity. If the longest smoke would be a brisket or turkey that would need a max of about 15 hrs is this too big or should I not mess with that tried and true design?
    Thanks for any help or other tips you mat can give.
  2. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    1. I used bolts that are roughly 1.5" as well. You can use them, just gotta double check that your racks are securely on all bolts. I've had an incident or two moving meat around where the rack slipped and it was bad lol. Especially if your planning on 2 racks, you'll want the top ones shorter.

    In hindsight, I might have made my bottom rack bolts a bit longer.

    2. I've got 10 or so inches I think between racks. I spatchcock my turkeys when I smoke them, so height hasn't become an issue. If you're going to go with two racks, have some sort of heat shield installed over your fire basket. I just use a couple of disposable alum pans with a hole drilled in the very middle for grease to drip down.

    3. Meh, went with 12" wide/tall expanded metal secured to a smaller charcoal grate. Can't remember whether it was a 14 or an 18. I think it was an 18. Works well for me.

    Anymore questions, just give a shout!
  3. Thanks a ton fivetricks. All that helps. I can’t wait to get it smokin. The longest part is gonna be burnin the paint and liner off.

    I got a 14# whole brisket waiting in the freezer. I’ve been here 9 yrs now and it was the first whole brisket I’ve seen.
  4. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    Just gonna go ahead and ask. Your barrel doesn't have a red liner does it? If so that barrel is gonna be a no-go because of the epoxy.

    If not, the burning off of the paint isn't too bad.

    HOWEVER, the wirebrushing of the old burned up paint, primer, coats of paint and clear coating are for the birds lol.

    I wouldn't recommend painting until you've used it and got the hang of it a bit. That way you don't burn off a nice paint job, ask me how I know.

    Also, never leave the lid off while coals are burning inside. Even just to run the meat in the house, it will get hot. Quick. Very, very, unbelievably hot. Again, ask me how I know :-)
  5. upload_2019-5-7_17-44-25.jpeg

    It’s a tan liner inside not red. Not sure if there isn’t a difference. It was a high fructose corn syrup barrel. Outside is burning off nicely
  6. mike243

    mike243 Smoking Fanatic

    Looks like a evil face in the flames :emoji_astonished:
  7. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    Well, not sure how your first burn out went, but those epoxy liners can be just awful to try and burn out and they must be

    --> completely <-- underline that word

    removed before using as a smoker.

    You may end up having to search for another barrel. Good luck sir.
  8. Got the paint off. Couldn’t find a sand blaster here so between burning it out, a local body shop(labor is real cheap) and me inside it with a cup brush on a 4” grinder (ended up looking like one of the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins) it got done. The season went well. Gotta make a few mods on the air intakes and vent. Making a hefty charcoal basket tomorrow. Then an inaugural brisket smoke on Saturday.
    It’s very basic and simple but it’ll smoke I think.

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  9. weev

    weev Smoking Fanatic ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Basic and simple are not a bad thing it just means less work to turn out good BBQ
    Good luck and Hopefully your brisket turns out amazing
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