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  1. S

    Exhaust Placement on UDS and Smoker - Grill Functionality on UDS

    Hey Guys I am new here, but am planning a UDS build and have raked the internet with no real answer to this question. Where is the best placement for a UDS exhaust? I have read that the top is best as it induces the most airflow over the meat, the top side is best because it allows some smoke...
  2. G

    New Member

    Hi Everyone! Kinda new to BBQ and Smoking, but had some great results so far with doing both on a Weber Kettle. I've decided it's time to up my game and build a UDS, but I'm incredibly indecisive and struggling to find the answers to the questions I have. I've managed to track down a food grade...
  3. Shady

    UDS Built around ThermoWorks Billows

    Starting to plan out my first UDS Build and figured why not plan it around the ThermoWorks Billows I already have. I’ve found this and was thinking I could get away with one intake port on the back of the UDS that would always have the billows hooked up to it. Could I get away with this? Should...

    UDS Build in Honduras

    Hey UDS users.... After procrastinating on getting my UDS build started, waiting for the 'perfect time and design', I am done and ready to just make it. I've had the barrel, used for HFCS, sitting around for over a year now and need has driven me to start it, use it and make mods over time...
  5. duncan mcmanus

    UDS tips and unique ideas

    Hello everyone, I've been reading these forums and contemplating a UDS build of my own for a few years now. I have finally decided to go ahead with it and acquired a drum. I have a couple buddies that have done UDS builds already and like I said I have been reading these forums for a long time...