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  1. Hey folks,

    seeing as this is the UDS place, I figured I'd ask yall what you thought of using a drum that used to contain adsorbents (the stuff they use to adsorb spills at wrecks) the steel doesnt have any visible liner on it, and its been sitting around long enough that it has surface rust all over the insides.

    I just started a welding class and have been wanting to build a smoker, so naturally, I want to use what ive got. I am thinking of either going with the traditional upright UDS, or using both barrels I have to make a double-barrel horizontal smoker. In fact, I'd kinda rather go with the latter, because it would allow for much more capacity and IMO, easier cleanup, not to mention, alot more welding.. [​IMG] only problem is I dont have lids for either, but I think I could find some scrap sheet metal to weld to the ends.
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    The barrels will be fine AFTER you do a burn out. Get a few pallets or some other scrap lumber and get a good sized fire going in them. After that you can wire wheel them and do whatever you want..

    Drums are thin and rarely flat so they can be a real hassle to fit and weld, especially for a beginner. I'm not trying too say you can't build that horizontal stacker, I'm saying if i were you, I would build a vertical UDS and cook some meat in it.

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