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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by funk, Aug 7, 2010.

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    I have read so much about UDS that I wanted to try it.  My brother in law scored me a free barrel from a food manufacturer.  The only thing is that it has a tan lining inside.  I read on other sites that some barrels come with a red liner and the only way to remove it is by sandblasting it.  Am I going to have a problem burning the tan lining out.  Thanks.
  2. From what I hear burning out can be a bear, cuz you still need to grind out what burnt, you can read all the horror stories if you want. I have the same tan liner. I called all the sand blasting shops in the area. Got all kinds of prices. the best so far was $25 for the inside and $40 for the inside and out. Then it dawned on me to ask everyone I know and see. and within two hours I had a friend that said he knows someone that would do it on his spare time after work one day. For a whatever I give him for his time. So for $20 I'm getting it blasted inside and out. Do some looking and asking around you never know. But compared to buning and grinding it's worth the $20 to me.
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    Funk - I just tried burning out a red liner and was going to grind it out, not only no, but heck no! LOL  I don't know that the tan liner would be much easier, but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try if you like, it couldn't hurt.  If you give it a try come back and let us know how you make out.

    As SMC said, ask around about getting blasted.  For me sandblasting was definitely the way to go.  Of course now that I've hit 50 (only second time I've admitted such..lol), I've taken on this new concept that there are truly times it's worth paying to have something done! lol  

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