Twigs plus salt equals crazy baked chicken recipe

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by bowlbq, Jun 1, 2014.

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    Another Steven raichlen recipe basically end up with very juicy skinless chicken
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    That was just a teaser , more Q-view and narration.[​IMG]
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    I like it! Haven't tried it with chicken, but have cooked prime rib and pork loins using this method!
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    Ate the potential qview oops. The process is fairly easy. rinse a full chicken under cold water blot dry inside and out. Cut a lemon in half rub the chicken down with half of the lemon insert other half of lemon into the chicken. Truss the chicken shut rub it down with some rosemary or dry seasonings of your choice. In a large bowl or clean bucket dump roughly ten pounds of salt and some cold water say two cups worth. Mix until salt has a wet snow slushy feel. Line the bottom of aluminum pan with an inch of the salt place the chicken on top stick a meat thermometer into the thigh pack whole thing in salt. Cook at 500 to 600 degrees until meat thermometer reaches 170. Pull it out set for ten min then crack it open. I hacked away with the side of a spatula by far the best part. Brush off excess salt with a dry basting brush peel off skin and enjoy.
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    Sounds great. I love getting new ideas. Thanks.

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    Very nice!

    Can tell you the same method works charming with fish as well.



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