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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by trickyputt, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. 4pm. Ish . 10.27 lb butt injected and put out on TMV.

    This is get it done cooking.
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  4. Ok whatever time it is. Tbs aquired. Slow cookin. Im gonna go do something else.
  5. Chianti?

    Yep. Its 5 oclock somewhere.
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  6. Which leads to chicken. Yall know my grill I think.

    Lol we are eating thighs tonite!
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  7. The wife requested these. I gave her wine.
  8. Have made friends with someones pitt bull. He is young. I may keep him. They are tough breed when they get older though. Biting.
  9. How far are you into your smoke ?   Butt may take a while 

  10. 4 hrs. Dog was awesome. Wife got pissed because of 4 cats and her dog. Dang. Oh well.


    Oh chicken I forgot. I Skin it off inside.
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  11. Added hardwood layer...which is about 3inches of fuel by the way.

    The rub was injected, because its about half roue. And the rest Dreamland Rub. And applejuice. Well apple juice inside anyway.
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  12. 4.5 hrs in IT 131f water had to be refilled. The wood runs hot. No sign of the dog I dropped back off in HER probable neighborhood. I liked that dog.
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  13. Baby deer came through. Dog episode makes the smoker the warmest place to be at my house. Deer was cool. We have fed them for 20 years so they are around. Whitetails. Saw a perfect 12 with heavy bases the other day. Beautiful God.

  14. Its a sirloin cut with french's aged wistershire, spog and a dash of some weber compound for steak.

    Wet leather..still gonna take a while.
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  15. Reloaded water but it didnt need it. Showing some 160 temps so here comes the steam plateau. I chose pure coals with hickory for the water release phase.

    And a couple of chunks.
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  16. 40 degrees. No wind. Poor bastards got a proper nor'easter and we get great weather in bama. Still, more fuel than usual.
  17. Temps were down because I loaded and close the vent to 1/3. Better to start from cold than blaze it.

  18. There is some crusty louisianna goodness coming here. So what is the best sauce for aligatacatamouseamongus? Dunno. Ask a Cajun. They figured it out..I just follow the recipe.
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  19. 11pm. 155 IT. Just sitting. hot fire so I added a few chunks. Time for a late nite movie. Stealth is on. Jessica Biel. Hotness.
  20. 4am. I knew I shoulda foiled it and put it in the oven. I got bit by a scorpion once stomping around at night checking a cooker during the summer. 32 degrees outside now though, no bugs. Fire has ebbed. Meat 155. Reloaded fuel and chunks so back to bed. Smoker was down to 160. Dreaming of a WSM tonight.

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