turning a fridge into a smoke

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Jun 7, 2006
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I've heard tell of people converting a refrigerator to a smoker but I can't find any hard info on it. I've had many suggestion on turning into a kegerator, but I don't need that...Just wondered if anyone's ever seen or attempted this. I would think the insulation would be excellent...
I believe that Cheech has a converted fridge that he calls "The Wookie". If he doesn't pick up on this thread, PM him.
Bigdaddyviking67 and dacdots both have listed pics of fridge conversions. The biggie is to select one of the older round top units that have no plastic innards. Plastic is a severe no no!
Also you do not want to use a former gas fridge shell. Gas fridges operate on anhydrous ammonia. Not good stuff! Will cut your lungs to pieces if released in your presence.
Also, the older style fridges have the old latch style closure. Very illegal in some areas. Plan on puitting a hasp and lock on your unit to protect both the neighborhood kids and your financial well being.
More to follow at some time. Hope this helps!


Above is a thread that I posted for the electronic controls for my Wookie (because it is big brown and I was in a Star Wars kick with my kids during the construction of the Wookie)

srmonty is correct if there is plastic run away.
You need a refrig from at least 1960 (I am not really sure of the year that they quit making the all metal ones)

The insulation is cardboard and does work well.

I just went to Menards in their heating and cooling section to get my smoke stack and the rest is an electric hot plate with a cast iron skillet on it for my wood chips.

The temperature is controlled with a Thermocouple and an industrial temp controller (I used to sell them in a previous life and there was a demo unit in my basement)

I love my Wookie because with the temp controller I can "set it and forget it" I go to work and place a pork shoulder in there and when I get back restock it with wood chips and a few hours after that I have some great pulled pork, with out babysitting the temp.

If you have some specific questions please let me know I would love to help any way I can.
Whoa Cheech,

I never knew the Wookie was so High Tech 8) . My poor old mods are so unfinished like in comparison :oops: .

Thanks Cheech! That's a lot of great info there. I knew I would need to find an old round top type. Bummer is we tossed one about 3 years ago before I got into this. I have a smaller electric one now and I'm finding it's just not big enough for some of my football Sunday menu ideas...I love the temp control on mine too, I can still get a lot of other things done and turn out a great meal!!!
ShellBellc.Hey there.Yes I did a fridge smoker and it has worked well for me for years now.Mine is not the old round type but a Kenmore,I dont know how old,but is a full size fridge so you can really pack lots of meat in it.The inside of it is metal covered with porcilin which is common in higher end fridges I do believe.The inside of the door was plastic so I just removed it and replaced it with sheet metal.Same as for the upper freezer door.I used an element out of an oven and the controls which I mounted in the bottom with a heat shield over.Put a stack with a damper in it for flow control.I used an old ECB which I fitted with a flat top and used metal dryer vent pipe and piped it in to the side of the unit down low just above the heat shield.With the smoke source seperate this allows you to tend your fire without ever opening the door where the meat is.Get a good remote thermometor and your set.If you look around a bit I think you can find one with the metal innards.
I've put the word out what I'm looking for, hopefully I can come up with one...I was thinking about maybe putting smaller door on the side so that I can replace the wood without having to open the big door, hadn't thought of offsetting the actual source, good idear!
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