Turkey Thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gregor, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Been doing some turkey thighs in my SmokinIt 2D but last night something great happened. 225F for about 3 hours, then decided to finish in the oven at 300F in a covered pan for about an hour. A friend came over just as the hour was up so I just shut off the oven and let things sit. After about an hour my friend left so I checked the thighs. Very moist and just fell off the bone. :)

    So my question is what temp makes turkey do that?
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    Interesting question. 

    Poultry thighs are dark meat and fattier than white meat.  The longer you cook them, especially covered where they steam in a moist environment, the more they break down.  I've never cooked them like you did but my guess is you ended up with the same result as braising them in liquid where they end up moist and falling off the bone and tendons.  Braising maxes out at 212F as long as there is available liquid.             

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