Turkey in a UDS new build question

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Dec 26, 2010
Lake Isabella, Ca.
IM gonna start a build tomorrow, I built my fire basket total height 12" . I plan to install a shelf for a water bowl 3" above that. My question is i would like to be able to smoke turkey without a dome lid. Is there enough room left for a shelf low enough for a turkey,has  anyone tried it ?
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I smoke my turkeys on the bottom rack all the time and just leave the top rack out. What is your reasoning for the water pan? The UDS is a very moist environment and doesn't need a water pan unless you are trying to catch drippings or something. Thats just my $.02
The answer is yes, you will have enough room for a 20# bird if you want. The moist environment is not the  problem, I personally don't like sour smoke created by fat dripping on the fire. Just my honest opinion. Here's my plan for a 55 gallon UDS. I love mine and have had to stop using it because of county codes. I have built a 30 gallon electric to satisfy my needs. Long story!

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