Trailer Mounted Reverse Flow with added Goodies

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by hogie, Oct 17, 2011.

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    What a bummer!

    This was going along so good.

    I sure hope you get it back in one piece.
  2. Man that really blows. Why do people got to suck so much?
  3. Ah, Jebus man...
    Freaking thieves.

    Listen to the prior posts, man.
    Don't let the insurance lowball you.
    Lawyer up if you can.(My neighbor did and saved himself alot of time, money and stress)
  4. hogie

    hogie Fire Starter

    They found the truck today...  All Im going to say is that whoever stole it... drove it near the police department of the city they stole it from, and they pulled it over.  When they called me to come pick it up, it was less than 2 blocks away from the City Hall / Police department complex.  There is damage to it, and the dumbasses smoked in it (ashes everywhere...).  Since I have a rental already, my insurance company told me to take it in to a service shop in the morning, and let them know where, and it will get fixed up.  So there goes half of this month's smoker money to the deductiable.  Atleast it was returned, with almost everything (couple things missing).  Anybody know if there's a lojack monthly / yearly fee?  I think I might want to get that.
  5. jckdanls 07

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    At least you got it back and doesn't sound to bad... yes there is a monthly/yearly fee for lojack
  6. If the cops ask you to testify, I'd recommend you do it.
    It'll keep the little douchebags off the street FAR longer.

    Congrats on getting most of your truck back though!
    Maybe you'll get a free paint job out of it...?
  7. hogie

    hogie Fire Starter

    I wrote in the affidavit that I will help with the prosecution of the person/persons involved.  I also just put up no trespassing signs, and looking at a camera system for the back yard / driveway area.  Lets just say I am getting ready if they decide to come back when they are out on bail...
  8. tom c

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  9. hdflame

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    If you can just be around when they try it next time, a Springfield Champion 45 with laser sights works much better than lojack! [​IMG]   And you don't have to worry about them coming back when they get out on bail. [​IMG]

    Glad you got it back.
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  10. fourthwind

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    We put up a sign on my friends property.  said " If you can read this, your in range"  on top and said "All trespassers shot, survivors shot again" on the bottom.
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  11. hdflame

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    That should work!  [​IMG]
  12. hogie

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    I figured I could start grinding down on the tank this weekend to get it pretty (It is going to need it anyway, like where I had them cap the vents, where there's seams from where the tank is put together across the back / side).  If I just take some rustoleum for now and spray it when im done... I can sand blast that off at the end when I go to paint it right?

    I found a shop that I can get into that has a 20'x13' media blasting room, and the same sized paint room, so I figured that's how Im going to get this finished out.  But I dont want to do more harm than good at this point by not covering the ground down parts....

    As for my truck, it is at the car shop waiting on my insurance to come out and look at it.  They said it should be done by noon tomorrow, so I should be able to give the ok to fix it after that.
  13. jckdanls 07

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    don't know If I would buy high dollar rustoleum just to sand blast it back off... just buy some cheap metal primer in the spray can and put it on for now
  14. Just finished a 250 reverse flow and it is GREAT! would send a pic but night right know
  15. solaryellow

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    We had great results converting the rust to paintable metal using Ospho. A little corrosion on these thick tanks isn't that big of a deal.
  16. Well Hello everyone, New just read all the post BOL Hogie. Thanks for the welcome solaryellow.
  17. fourthwind

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    Rustoleum makes a high temp primer that I have used for that purpose and it worked well.  
  18. hogie

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    I'll prob just get a cheap spray can for now to keep the areas from rusting, and then user the high temp primer after I blast it.  We just got a bunch of rain, and I noticed that some hot slag from cutting out the doors (from the shop) got onto my trailer fender, and caused some rust to show up... so I need to get that cleaned up too.
  19. hogie

    hogie Fire Starter

    Okay, truck is back.  $3407+ in damage to it (They also blew out the stereo system, had to replace speakers, and the radio itself).  Now to get some money saved again and back to working on the trailer.  I might order stuff for the welder for my birthday (yesterday), and start to learn how to weld now that I dont have to worry about the truck.
  20. sunman76

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    Sounds like a plan [​IMG]  and Happy BiRtHdAy [​IMG]   

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