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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sonnyhad, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, 

    I just did my first smoke with my new unit, I did ribs. I read that the temp isn't always the temp you set it at, but, I set it at 275 thinking it would be cooler than that, but, I don't think it was. The ribs got done too soon. I didn't have the vent at the top opened too much at all, and later thought, hmm. Maybe you're supposed to have it open to allow the wood chips to burn better. Duh, that only makes sense! I'd like to know if that's really the case? Or, do you leave it slightly open to keep the heat in?  I could keep testing and possibly ruining some meat in the process, or just ask here! 

    My ribs didn't turn out too bad, but were a tad dry and not too much smoke. I'm undergoing Chemo right now and have little energy, so I thought this electric smoker would fit the bill instead of my firebox wood smoker. Which is a chore to keep the temp right. 

    Any help here would be appreciated. 

    Oh, also, do you guys use water, and if so, with what meats? 


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    I don't use water in my MES, some do.

    The top vent always stays wide open.

    Put MES in the search tool up top and you will find tons of info about your smoker...

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    Top vent always wide open.

    I think you need to get a good thermometer to make sure you are smoking at the temp you think you are.

    The MES controllers are usually off by a good amount.

    You just need to know what the real temp is when you set the controller at 275.

    It may be 300 or 250. You just need to know what it is.

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