Took a stroll this afternoon

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I also don't like to kil just to kill and prefer to eat what I kill. But yote's are a different matter. I figure if the State (Missouri ) has a 11 1/2 month season with no limits, there's a reason. TOO damn many. They now into the target of opportunity category for me.
Yep! Our season is 24/7/265!
SC is open for coyotes almost all year. Plus DNR traps, tags/collars and releases a few hundred every year. Bag one and you win a lifetime hunting license.
Id be down for that!
The only good coyote is a dead one. They will get some fawns but they will wipe out populations of quail and turkeys if not controlled the more control/killing them the better. A pack of them can eat a whole lot of quail and turkey eggs
Absolutely! We see a few hens here and there in the spring. At first with 8-10 poults, then 5-6, then 2-3, then 1 or back by themselves. Im sure hawks eagles and owls help some too!
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They are a problem everywhere. In addition to coyotes, we have a big feral hog problem. Here in SC coyotes, feral hogs, and armadillos can be hunted even at night all year long...
Fortunately , no hogs or at least very very few here so far!
We lost one of our dogs to coyotes about 3 years ago. I bought some light load 22 ammo and found out my ruger 10/22 won't even cycle with them they're so weak :emoji_laughing:.

I'm very limited in what firearm I can use due to neighbors scattered around. I try to make them very uncomfortable around my place. So far, it's working (but they're still lurking out there - I hear them a lot)
I would have a personal vendetta if I lost a dog to them!
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Best pic I saw all day! Thanks for posting.

I trapped 21 raccoons and 4 possums this season on my 123 acre farm. The old record was last year when I trapped 24 critters.

How in the heck do turkey hatches even survive?!

Coyotes and bobcats managed to avoid the sets we had for them...but then, luckily, we don't have many.
I have no idea how they make with so many critters out after them!
I live in the suburbs with a small green belt behind me. They are numerous here, and take a lot of cats and small dogs. Occasionally hear them, and I've seen a pack of them running past my back yard in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, can't shoot them in the 'burbs.
Gamo Wildcat Whisper in .22. Quiet close range gunning for around $150...
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Our quail population took a rapid dive with the introduction of coyotes in SE Ga. It's open season here too and I average seeing a couple a week in the early AM drives.

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