Too Much Smoke?

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Dec 22, 2016
Savannah GA
Ok so I'm new to smoking and Ive been trying to do as much research as I can to get it down. But can someone please watch this video of these guys smoking some trout and tell me if this is too much smoke. At around the 1 min 45 sec mark they open that smoker and its just billowing. then after you get a few good shots of the exhaust stack and it still seems pretty thick. Would this be an unacceptable amount of smoke ?
It's hard for me to tell if something is over smoked to my taste without tasting it.Obviously these fish were cooked to their liking.

there are those on this forum that will say that there is no such thing as to much smoke , but i disagree

 the amount of smoke you see in the video is ok depending on how long it stays at that level ,

for ribs or butts i will smoke at that level for the 1st 30 minutes after that i just let the smoke taper off to nothing

and finish cooking the meat

but as i said there are some here that actually want their meat to look like you pulled it out of the ruins of a house fire ( most people don't like it this  way thankfully )
Looks like a quick smoke to me as they wee finishing it by frying . Depending on the type of wood it did not look like over smoking to me . You will get a lot of different views but White smoke does not bother me when you get to the right temp it all evens out . When I fist got my MES I bought Jack Daniels Barrel chips and did not care for it I m .ainly use Apple o Cherry which is much milder .It is all a matter of taste and the type of meat makes a big difference
NDHall, evening.....   Smoke is a personal preference...   Myself, 2-6 hours, depending on cut of meat, is about all I ever do...   I like the smoke to accompany the meat and not be the BIG player in the game.... 

Here is a video showing the amount of air flow I smoke with..  I use pellets in an AMNPS...  The pellets burn up at a rate of ~16 oz. per ~10 hours...  1.5 oz. per hours...  so you know that's not much wood and same for the smoke.....

I would say the smoke at the 1:45 mark is pretty heavy and white. It's all about your preference. The later part when they were taking the fish off is more the smoke I would look for. The heavy white smoke can make your product look like it went through the burn barrel, and taste bitter, and like carbon. I prefer a lighter smoke, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good hickory smoke, which is thought of as more bold than the fruit woods like apple and cherry. I like to taste the smoke, but don't want the smoke to be the only thing I taste.
i  have never cooked a fish in my entire life ( hate fish )  so i can't speak to how it would effect the fish 

 but for ribs and butts like i said it would be ok for the 1st 30 minutes like that , anymore than that would be too much smoke
I am a firm believer in just the right amount of smoke. I bought an Amnps four row, best thing that I have ever owned for my cooking. One row for bacon, CB Bacon, Salmon, etc. Approx four hrs. perfect smoke. I use my Luhr Jensen Little Chief for my small smokes, place it in the bottom, plug the smoker in, and amazin results. I just posted a salmon smoke that I had forgotten about Good Friday fish fry, and it was the best smoke salmon that I have ever done! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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