ton of cherry wood

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Original poster
Dec 5, 2013
orange park, Florida
I recently came across a good bit of cherry wood but haven't used it much in the past. Any tips on what to cook with it? Gotta hurry for some reason my dog thinks the pieces are great chew toys.
I love cherry on pork and beef. Usually mix in with some apple. It imparts a very red color to whatever you put on it and is my go to wood these days when I can get my hands on some. Apple is so plentiful here in Washington state that there is never any shortage of it. It is a strong smoke like hickory but with a sweet edge to it. If you like it smokey you will love cherry.
I love the Smokey flavor. I live in Florida so alot of oak, pecan is available but I know a tree guy so I have access to alot more than most around here.
Cherry is great on just about everything. I really like the flavors developed when mixing with pecan. Beef really shines with cherry. I've been using cherry and pecan on my poultry the last year and really like it too.
Pork loin came out great but I still can't figure out how to upload pics. I'm using my windows phone to post on here.
Are you using the mobile version or the desk top version on your phone? If you aren't using the mobile version, scroll down to the very bottom of the home page. There will be two boxes "Mobile/Desktop". Click on the mobile.

Now when you click on the reply box you get this:

The third box at the top with the mountain is for inserting pictures. Click on that button. then you will see this:

Click on upload from device (assuming you used your phone to take the photo) My phone then asks if I want to take a photo or upload one from my storage.

Select which option you want then select the photo and hit submit. It will embed the image code into the reply box. Then hit reply. Done.

Thanks dirtsailor, I'm using mobile already and tried what you said but I only get the option to enter an image URL. Doesn't give option to upload from device. Maybe its cause I have windows phone. They say these are great phones but I am still waiting to be impressed by it. Thanks for giving it a shot, looks very simple if my phone would cooperate.
love cherry use on everything as far as dog beats chewing on furniture
If the dog chews on the furniture she may be next on the smoker lol. I actually got lucky with my dog, got a rednose pit as a puppy and she is the best dog I have ever had. Lil over a year old now and the only bad thing she does is chase lizards in my backyard.
Hey Fence

You really lucked out.  When we got the 2 Labs almost 5 years ago, they pretty much ate all the baseboards, door frames and the cabinet in the laundry room where they were confined until they were housetrained.  LOL (they also ate my flip flops, rubber boots, and solar lights--but believe, only once.  We had an in depth discussion after each event.  Now, when I put something new out, the three of us check it out and I tell them MINE!!!--works

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