todays gobble gobble

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Say there Teacup

Any good formulas for the turkey leg brine/marinade?

I usually just throw in whatever I have on hand and let em soak over night. I do about about ten or so at a time and always have the grand idea to throw a couple in with a pot of beans but they never seem to make it that long

Note the Avatar^ Legs just don't stand a chance around here!
i dont have a specific recipe for brining a turkey leg, but if you want it to turn out like the state fair turkey legs, find a cure for ham, i brine all my stuff in apple juice and usually a combo of coke or pepsi
We had turkey legs for lunch at work yesterday! Yummmmmmmmm

I have a girl friend (Ohana) I fixed up with my cousin and she been forgetting her lunch an awful lot lately! Lunch for two every day! LOL
I guess I'm lucky in So. Philly in that respect cheech.Our supermarkets have them very often,plus I'm walking distance from the famous " Italian Market". There you can get just about anything.
Cheech, krogers and meijer has turkey legs...

or you could be like me, find your local bad part of town, they have the best meat shops with cheap meats.. i live right on the line of good/bad part of town... flint/Mt morris border
Publix and Kroger and super Wally worlds have them 'round these parts but they are not the Jumbo sized ones that I would Love to be finding. Seems like they are going up in price too, 3 or 4 bucks for a three pack.

I still say that some day I am just gonna pour the smoke to a batch, freeze them and then throw a couple a time in with a pot of beans. Maybe I need to be making bigger batches so there are some left over for freezing
They came off the turkey I smoked on Thursday!

I always pull the arms and legs off and smoke them separately. When my son was little we'd eat turkey often because it was cheap and I'd cut it up in pieces and freeze it. He used to say "Ma can we eat a whole turkey just once in awhile?- And must you insist on raping the poultry?" cuz I always take the skin off chicken parts.

I have seem them packaged up just like chicken parts at Wally World but they charge a lot more than for the whole bird. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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